Eyelash Extension Training

I am confident that you will be extremely pleased with our thorough training and on going support. Students have an open invitation to call at any time after their training for help. You will find your kit and class is superior in price and content to any class being offered. I have personally made your kit and class affordable in comparison to the market so that more technicians can be properly trained in smaller group settings. The kit that you will receive has enough lashes to perform 150 procedures. You can make a minimum of $10,000 from your kit!

I firmly believe in not only educating my students with the craft of eyelash extensions, but I also implement marketing and business training to help them succeed in their new profession.  Technique and the proper adhesive are the most crucial elements with eyelash extensions. With proper training and technique, an eyelash technician can make a very lucrative income.

Exciting Number$ 

There are not many fields in the beauty industry where you can charge $60-70 per hour and have clients on a reoccurring 3-week schedule.  New eyelash sets range from $200 – 350 so if you do the math, you will see that you pay for your class and kit with just 2-3 new clients!

A  private one-on-one training takes approximately 4 hours while class trainings of 5 or less take approximately 6 hours. There is not an additional charge for private trainings.

Complete Cost of Class Training (regardless of private or group setting) : $650


  • Training
  • Full Size Kit
  • Certification

The following is a brief overview of your training:Robin Lash Extension Training

  • Introduction (overview of class manual, kit contents, use of contents and replacement materials, sanitation and industry knowledge)
  • Marketing and business-promotional materials, pricing, demographics of your area and how much to charge clients. Client behavior and trouble-shooting.
  • Pictures- how to take the best pictures for your portfolio. I also invite students to take pictures in class to refer back on and add to their new portfolio.
  • Paperwork- consent forms and aftercare
  • Client needs and consideration (Meeting the clients needs/expectations and designing the proper lash effect)
  • Observation- During this portion of the class the student observes the proper techniques of how to apply the lashes on a live model step by step.
  • Do’s and don’ts- tips on how to make lashes last longer, common mistakes made by most technicians, how to do the quickest and best application.
  • Hands on training- I supervise as the student applies the skills I have showed them on the live model.
  • Trouble shooting- At this stage, student is reviewed on how to improve or change their technique or application.
  • Q&A – All information is clarified until student fills confident that he/she has all questions answered.
  • Certificate will be awarded.

Before & After Gallery of Lash Extensions:

Eyelash Extension by Art Institute of Permanent Cosmetics 1   Eyelash Extension by Art Institute of Permanent Cosmetics 2

Eyelash Extension by Art Institute of Permanent Cosmetics 3   Eyelash Extension by Art Institute of Permanent Cosmetics 4

Eyelash Extension by Art Institute of Permanent Cosmetics 5   Eyelash Extension by Art Institute of Permanent Cosmetics 6


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