In a day and time of fillers and injections, it is nice to know that one can achieve fuller , plumper more symmetrical lips through just having them tattooed. As we age our natural pigmentation in our lips starts to recede and the wrinkles around our mouth become more pronounced. A full lip color can completely change the look of one’s mouth by giving it an upturned appearance, adding warmth and soft color to the face and distracts from wrinkles in the lip area. Through Tish’s own unique technique, she can create a look that is as natural (but fuller and symmetrical) and undetectable as the client desires.

This procedure can also benefit women with cleft pallet or scarring in the lip area or severe smoker’s lines. Many women of ethnicity desire smaller lips and this too can be achieved by an experienced hand.

Due to the lips being a mucosal tissue, the area can hurt more so great care is taken to ensure an easier procedure. Lips will need a color boost approximately every 3-6 years due to the mucosal tissue naturally turning over every 7 days.

Please note that the photos that appear in our procedure galleries are all the work of Tish O’Brien

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