Eyeliner can transform the eyes into a brighter, more open and color enhanced version of themselves. Deep set eyes will appear more open and pronounced with the correct technique. Down turned eyes or small eyes can be made to look more almond shaped. Those who suffer with seasonal allergies or makeup allergies can enjoy eyeliner that stays intact all day. My oldest client is 96 so there is no age limit to having the procedure. There are many different effects besides just basic black…..smokey eyes,french eyeliner, mucosal colors, accent color above black eyeliner,the liquid eyeliner appearance and many more. Our practice is to numb the eyelids extensively so there is minimal pain( if any) and it is the technician’s job to make you feel safe by keeping the eyelid closed and secure the entire procedure. All you have to do is relax and breathe! Due to thorough pretreatment advice, swelling should be minimal for 24-48 hours and healed between 5-7 days….no downtime. Please note that the photos that appear in our procedure galleries are all the work of Tish O’Brien

Art Institute of Permanent Cosmetics Eyeliner Before & After Gallery:


The following are “After” photos demonstrating a variety of different permanent eyeliner techniques that have been customized for the client