Eyebrows are the single most face changing procedure.  A technician’s skill set and artistic ability is really tested in this area. Tish absolutely never uses stencils. Every client has eyebrows custom designed based on their facial symmetry, coloring and personality. Brows are her absolute favorite procedure. They can make an individual look softer, younger and uplifted.

Two techniques:  Hairline and Powder finish

The hairline technique is multi-dimensional.  This is the most natural and appealing technique and it is very rare to find technicians who can properly perform this look. I constantly have clients tell me “no one can tell it isn’t real”.

The powder finish can be artfully done as well but due to its bolder look, it suits darker complexions best or individuals who prefer a more made-up  or stronger look.

Please note that the photos that appear in our procedure galleries are all the work of Tish O’Brien

Art Institute of Permanent Cosmetics Eyebrow Before & After Gallery. Click to see the before photos: