Tish O’Brien – Master Technician/ Certified Instructor. Tish O’Brien is an expert intradermal cosmetic technician specializing in paramedical tattooing and permanent cosmetics. She feels permanent cosmetic artistry is about understanding the lines, contours and symmetry of each client and using that understanding to enhance each woman/man’s unique ,distinctive attributes. With over 11 years experience and extensive specialized training, her knowledge far surpasses industry standards. Tish is used as an expert technician referral by plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, dentists, dermatologists, aestheticians and salon professionals. Certified in Coil machine, Soft Tap, Rotary and Digital methods of intradermal cosmetics, she is proficient in all techniques. Tish is well-known for her realistic hairline eyebrows, diverse paramedical procedures and corrective work.